Nissan – Petrol 5-6 Liters


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Single type will be good choice for enthusiasts who are tuning their own car. Such kind of license is
most affordable and allows you to work with only one ECU. But there are no limitations for how many
vehicles with the same ECU part number you would like to tune.

To work with this license you must have:
– USB EcuBooster dongle.
– Flasher (for example PCM Flash software with its USB dongle, etc.)
– OBD cable for ECU reflash (for example Tactrix, etc.)

If any of the above is missing, you should purchase it.

Additional information

Select Pack license

Single license for one ECU model – 80$, 3060 Nissan Petrol 4-5 Liters All – 200$, 3061 Nissan Petrol VK56VD 5.6 – 120$, 3062 Nissan Petrol VK56DE 5.6 – 120$, 3063 Nissan Petrol VK50VE 5.0 – 120$


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